Tuesday, 27 September 2011


VPN On Demand service adds numerous benefits to your internet experience:

Use the internet without restrictions.
Secure your internet connection.
Fast connection speeds.
Easy to setup.

How to apply to a free private beta account?

Send an email to promotion at vpnod.com with subject vpnod

and you will get an instant reply with access credentials to VPNoD service.

Windows Setup Instructions

2- Select Set up a connection or network

3- Select Connect to a workplace and click Next

4- Select Use my Internet Connection (VPN)

NOTE: If prompted for "Do you want to use a connection that you already have?", select No, create a new connection and click Next.

5- In the Internet Address: field, type vpn.vpnod.com

6- In the Destination Name: field, type VPNOD.

7- In the User Name: field, type your VPNOD username. Your VPNOD username which was sent to you earlier in an email.


8- In the Password: field, type your VPNOD password.

9- Click the Create button and then click the Close button.

10- To connect to the VPN server after creating the VPN Connection, click on Start, then Connect to.

11- Select the VPN connection in the window and click Connect.

Note: It does keep logs but not for long time.


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